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Every HorseManager customer has the option to make stallions available for semen collection.

Would you like to have your stallions on You can do this in HorseManager:

1. Choose in the menu option ‘horses’

2. Double click on the relevant stallion or click on the button with the pencil

3. With the tool buttons you can add or change information about the stallion

4. Via the option ‘documents’ you can add photos and links to YouTube videos.

5. Please note that ‘publish’ has a tick or nothing will happen



In the menu option ‘stallions’ you can optionally use the options to

give a discount if the fixed part and/or pregnancy surcharge is paid in advance.

If you choose to pay in advance, a Sisow of Mollie payments contract must be active. You will find this under option “settings”, tab ‘connections’, payment provider.

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You can indicate per stallion which semen will be available: fresh, frozen or both.

These options can be found in the option ‘stallions – detail’.

There will be also an option ‘sold out today’ if you are not able to deliver semen for any reason.



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HorseManager is a complete horse management system, built by and for horse keepers in the broadest sense of the word.

With the system you can keep a close eye on everything in and around your stable or riding stable.

Receive push notifications on your phone for things you shouldn’t forget.

HorseManager should be there for you, so we are keen to build a very usersfriendly system as much as possible. The software is easy to use, a thick usersmanual doesn’t exist.

Interested? Please call 06-34 33 44 78 for a no-obligation appointment/presentation. Or for more information and a demo click on: (click on the blue ‘View Prezi button if necessary).