Quasimodo Z

Rare progenitor strength

Such an accumulation of top-sport genes as in Quasimodo Z is seldom seen. It has now been established beyond doubt that the qualities nowadays required for the highest level are anchored in the DNA of this genetic high-flyer. Quasimodo Z can indeed provide great statistics via his progeny. At the beginning of 2019 there were already more than 200 internationally-competing progeny, 33 of which at 1.60m-level. This means that more than 25% of his progeny aged ten years or more are graded at 1.40m-level or higher. Furthermore, there are a remarkable number of international eventing horses, a reflection of Quasimodo’s ability to pass on blood and rideability.


All second generation horses successful in the sport
One look at Quasimodo’s pedigree, bred by Jaap Laamens from Duizel, tells a large part of the story. All the horses in the first two generations of this stallion, who himself competed at 1.60m-level under Norwegian Morten Djupvik, are successfully competing in the sport, five out of six of which are even competing at 1.60m-level! Needless to say, one of these is Quasimodo’s famous sire Quidam de Revel, also a world class producer who has meanwhile built up a true stallion line via his sons. Another legend is grandsire Carthago Z. This world class top horse is perhaps most especially known as the sire of fantastic (brood)mares. Quasimodo’s dam Caloma Z is certainly one of these, thanks partly to the unbelievable line of preferent stallions Libero H, Ramiro Z, Luck Boy xx and Farn that we find further back in the pedigree.


Meer Caloma took part in 15 Grand Prix
Quasimodo was the first foal of Caloma, who then went on to have a very successful sports career. As a seven-year-old she was already jumping at 1.50m-level and was Champion of England. A year later she competed under Djupvik. With him she qualified in more than 15 Grand prix and took part in World Cup competitions as well as Nations Cups. Quasimodo’s granddam Taloma (s. Libero H) produced four other international horses, as well as Caloma. In total, two of her offspring are graded at 1.60m-level and the others are at 1.55m-level, 1.50m-level and 1.40m-level. An unprecedented average given the number of her offspring.

Third generation also very strong
The story only gets better when we reach the mare Detoloma (s. Ramiro Z) in the third generation of this extremely strong branch of the well-known Loma-bloodline. As well as Taloma by Libero H, Quasimodo’s great-granddam also produced the 1.50m-graded J Liberato and his full brother Liberato II, both of which are approved by Zangersheide.


Approval by top studbooks
Quasimodo Z himself is approved by Zangersheide, KWPN, NRPS and AES. The recognition by the KWPN followed after a well-above-average number of his progeny made their international debuts. Well-known Quasimodo offspring are Idi Utopia (Maikel van der Vleuten), Garfield de Tiji des Templiers (Jérôme Guery), Armstrong van de Kapel (Olivier Philippaerts), Callisto (Abdel Saïd), SRI Aladdin (Roosje Brouwer), Quolita Z (Harold Boisset), Charleville (Eve Jobs) and Denver (Bertram Allen).


Due to his rare progenitor strength, StuDutch already offered Quasimodo Z semen in previous years. Given the reliability of this stallion and his added value to jumping horse breeding StuDutch proceded to buy the Quidam de Revel-son at the beginning of 2019, as a result of which the semen is exclusively available via Sjaak van der Lei.


The stallion Quasimodo Z is available via fresh or frozen semen.

Fresh and delivery terms
For covering using fresh semen from Quasimodo, a pregnancy arrangement can be taken out. The fixed fee is €300, when in foal a further €1,200 must be paid. The total fee is therefore €1,500. The delivery costs for this are €30.

Frozen and delivery terms
Quasimodo Z is also available via frozen semen. You have two options: you can buy individual straws, or you can make use of our pregnancy arrangement. The fees are €500 per straw. The delivery of one straw to our insemination stations is free of charge. For delivery to other addresses the costs are €70 within the Netherlands.

The pregnancy arrangement means that you pay a fixed fee of €300 and when in foal a further €1,200 must be paid. The total fee is €1,500. The delivery costs for this are €70.

Horse type
Jumping horse
Year of birth
169 cm
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